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10 June 2009 @ 07:26 pm
My Someone Else's Life: Chapter 22  

Title: My Someone Else's Life
Author: talking_cookie (Tell Her This on fanfiction.net)
Rating: T for some bad language.
Genre:  Drama, Humor, Romance
Summary: Elliot's niece Alyssa is sent to stay with her aunt while her parents are out of the country, while JD and Elliot try taking their relationship slowly.  Please let me know what you think! :)
Status: WIP

Sometimes, because the study room can get quite busy, we have to go to the library to study, which is where I am. I could be in the study room though; today isn’t one of the busy days.


I keep the little the piece of paper that has my dad’s address on it in my hand, and the envelope with the photos sits on the table while I stare into space.




Michael sits down next to me, snapping me back to attention.


“Hey,” I respond. “Could you do me a favour and pick one of these photos for me to hand in. I can’t decide.” I slide the envelope over the table.


“Sure.” A second later, Michael asks, “You alright? You seem really… quiet.”


“I’m fine; I’m just thinking,” I answer.  “I found this yesterday.”


“Is that your dad’s address?” He asks, looking at the piece of paper.


“Yeah. And I’m thinking… am I doing the right thing here? Not speaking to him? Because I know he’s a total jackass and I hate him for that but… what if… what if he dies and I never really made any kind of peace with him and I hate myself forever for it? It’s not like I’d be able to go back in time and make things right, y’know?”


“Yeah, I know,” Michael takes one of my hands. “But you’ve still got to think about the reason you don’t speak to him in the first place. Because none of that changes, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to start speaking to him again, just because.”


“I know and I don’t. But,” I pause, thinking, “it’s me that has to live with everything that’s happened, not him.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and it’s hard enough to look back at it all now without trying in a few years and it’s so much worse because there’s nothing at all that can be done to make anything better and I don’t know I could cope with that. But at the same time I don’t want to disappoint anyone…” I trail off.


After a moment of silence, Michael asks, “How come you haven’t spoken about this before?”


“I didn’t want to. Every time I thought about maybe speaking to my dad, I just reminded myself of everything that had happened, and that seemed to work for like… two weeks. I thought maybe if I didn’t talk about it with anyone it would go away but it hasn’t. And I think the only thing I can do is try to make peace. But on my terms, and not because it’ll make him feel better but because it’ll help me move on.” I sigh heavily. “Do you think that’ll be okay with everyone?”


“It’s not really got anything to do with everyone,” Michael says. “Would that be okay with you?”


I simply nod.


“Then it would have to be okay with everyone. Alright?”


“Yeah. Thanks,” I smile. “By the way, did you pick a photo?”

”Yeah, I think you should go with this one of you with the really curly, almost white blonde hair and the multi coloured shirt on, because that’s entertainment.”


I roll my eyes. “Okay, one: I did not choose my outfits when I was two years old. Two: Are you kidding?”


“No, you’re really cute in that photo. And plus, you should see my photo. My parents thought it would be cute to dress me in a fluorescent green t-shirt and bright blue pants.”


I laugh. “That’s nasty.”


“So do you wanna head down to the dining room and get a table and some food before those annoying 7th graders steal everything?”


“Yeah,” I say, standing up.




As much as talking thing through with Michael helped, I need a second opinion.


“Aunt Elliot?” I say nervously as I step into the living room. “Would you be angry or disappointed in me if I… started speaking to my dad again? Because I’ve been thinking and I know that I’ll never be able to forgive everything. But years from now I don’t want to beat myself up because I didn’t reconcile things with my dad when I had the chance. But I don’t want it to seem like everything’s okay just because… well, you know.”


It’s at this point that I realise I’ve been bouncing on the balls of my feet and I’ve been nervously clutching at the bottom of my sweater.


“Honey,” my aunt frowns at me. It’s not a disapproving frown or anything… it’s I don’t know. “God, of course I wouldn’t be angry or disappointed if you wanted to have contact with your dad again. How could I be?”


“It’s just that… you’ve taken such good care of me since I got here and you didn’t need to… and I feel like I really owe you…. and your opinion really means a lot to me… and you’re so angry at my dad and…”


“Listen honey, sit down.”


I go and take a seat on the couch.


“Look, it doesn’t matter how pissed off I am with Brian, because that’s irrelevant.  He’s your dad before anything else, and if you want to speak with him, that’s entirely up to you. Everything’s up to you, and whatever my opinion about your dad is shouldn’t affect that. And do you want to know the real truth?”




“I always expected you to start speaking to your dad again. I was just waiting for it.”


There’s a silence.


“Do you think I’m doing the right thing, talking to my dad again?”


“If it helps you sleep at night then you’re doing the right thing.”


“Right.” Okay then. I stand up. “Um… there are a few people going over to Kate’s house to do some Chemistry revision. Can I go?”


“Of course.”


I walk towards my bedroom door, before I turn again. “Aunt Elliot,” I say. “Thank you.”


“Anytime, honey.”


“Oh, and by the way, can I have my sneakers back?”




Car accident victims can be one of the worst things to some into the ICU, mostly because the patients can often be very unstable which means anything can go wrong at any minute. But luckily, this time… well, put it this way it hasn’t been the worst it could have been.  However, it did mean that I didn’t get a chance to speak to Elliot during the day and I’m also two hours late home.


When I walk into the apartment, I notice that the TV is on. A TiVoed episode of Grey’s Anatomy is showing, and I can just see the fluffy slipper socks that cover Elliot’s feet hanging over the arm of the sofa.


“Hey,” I say softly.


“Hey,” she replies, as she runs an absent minded hand over the bump. “You know, she’s walking about the hospital talking to a dead guy and they all see it, yet none of them do anything about it. Are they idiots?”


“Yeah. How the hell do they get away with all their crap?” I ask as I sit down on the couch, Elliot having moved her legs so I can get a space. “If that were real they would all have had their asses fired by now.”


“Damn right,” Elliot says, as she puts her legs back to where they originally were, like a pyjamaed seatbelt over me.


“About earlier,” I begin.


“I’m sorry, okay,” Elliot interrupts me. “I should have spoken about it with you beforehand. I just… I didn’t expect him to offer me a job like that and I really didn’t know what else to say. Because before…. I wouldn’t have even hesitated. I would have snapped his hand off. But now, everything’s so different and it’s not just me I’ve got to think about. I should’ve spoken to you earlier, I’m sorry.”


“ And I’m sorry I was such an ass. It was just a bit of a shock because I thought you loved medicine.”


“I do. But I love the baby more. And I’d much rather be at home looking after the baby myself than be working every day and having a nanny look after them day in, day out.”


“Turk and Carla have a nanny for Izzy, and they seem to do fine.”


“I know,” Elliot sighs. “And that’s fine for them. But it’s not what I want for our child. I’ve been putting extra money away in my savings accounts, and I’ve been cutting back on things I don’t need to buy and I’ve worked it all out financially and we could afford it. I mean, it’ll be a bit tighter than we’re used to, but we could manage.”


“How long have you been thinking about this?”


“Pretty much since I found out I was pregnant,” Elliot answers. “But then with what happened in Connecticut at Christmas and being with my family… it just made me think some more. I don’t want out family to end up as screwed up as mine is. Which bit probably will, but at least I can’t blame it on a nanny. I was going to tell you, I just never got the right moment.”


“Wow. You know what, whatever you want to do is completely fine with me,” I honestly respond. “I just wish you’d told me a bit sooner. You know, before I put a deposit down on a house.”


“I’m sorry about – wait, what?”


“I, um, sort of put a deposit down on a house.”


Elliot’s eyes go wide, and she sits up sharply. “Again. What?”


I reach down to my open backpack, which sits at the foot of the couch, and pull out the folder that has all the information in it and hand it to Elliot, who opens it hurriedly and starts looking at everything.


“It’s not quite finished yet, and we can’t move in for a few months yet, but I’ve seen the show home and honestly, it’s amazing. There’s loads of space, a big garden, four bedrooms, so there’s one for us, a nursery, a room that Alyssa can stay in when she visits from college and even a spare room for whatever.”


“Oh my god,” Elliot mutters.


“We could go and see it tomorrow after work if you’d like? But I know you’ll love it.”


“Yeah,” Elliot answers, still reeling from shock. “I can’t believe you did this.” Then her face falls. “But…  if I’m not working, how can we afford this?”


“I never told you this, but I’ve been saving money for years too. We’ll manage, trust me.”


“Oh my… I can’t believe you did this,” Elliot mutters again. She leans forward as far as she can, which is getting to be more of a struggle the bigger the bump gets.

I lean in too, and quickly our lips meet. Once the kiss is over, Elliot sighs and leans back so she’s lying down again.


“Holy crap,” she says, quite suddenly.




“We’re really growing up.”




I was going to go to the study group, I swear to God.  But I was walking and thinking and then I decided there was something else I had to do.


Since I don’t really know this neighbourhood, it took me a while to find this place. But now I’m here waiting for the door to be answered. I can hear movement on the other side, and the door starts to open. Okay, here goes.


“Hi, Dad.”

Samakhosi4life on June 11th, 2009 01:14 pm (UTC)
Loved it Marsy. Can't wait for the next part :D
talking_cookietalking_cookie on June 11th, 2009 01:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks Safi! I'm writing the next part just now. :)